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Report: Major cities not prepared for growing retiree health costs. San Francisco, with $4.4 billion in obligated benefits, is largest city that doesn’t set aside future payments.

August 12, 2012



Retiree Healthcare Costs: It’s Even Worse Than You Think

August 11, 2012

California retiree health care time bomb is ticking

August 5, 2012


‘Me-first’ attitude driving fight for lavish benefit

July 22, 2012


Stockton retirees sue to stop city from cutting health benefits. Stockton, which has filed for bankruptcy, told retirees they must pay their premiums or medical coverage will be canceled. The retirees say they can’t afford the premiums.

July 13, 2012,0,1188974.story


Contra Costa Times editorial: “The personal greed of Concord City Councilman Ron Leone should offend anyone who cares about responsible expenditures of public money.”

July 9, 2012

Mt. Diablo Health Care District seeks to cash out Concord Mayor Ron Leone’s lifetime health benefits

July 3, 2012

PIO (Public Information Officer) gets lifetime benefits from fire agency

May 3, 2012

By Aaron Burgin

The San Diego Union-Tribune

April 19, 2012



  • (San Miguel Fire District spokesman Leonard Villarreal ), 61, marks five years with the agency this month, meaning he is now vested to have taxpayer-funded health coverage for life.
  • Villarreal works part-time for San Miguel and part-time for the Otay Water District, which has had its own controversies over lifetime health benefits that taxpayer advocates see as overly generous.
  • “He’s been there five years, three of five he’s been part-time, yet he is full time on the books and vested for lifetime benefits,” said Victor Mosso, a resident who has voiced his concerns about the district’s financial situation at a number of board meetings. “That is a problem.”
  • San Miguel kept Villarreal while downgrading one of its busiest fire stations, freezing firefighting positions and reducing benefits across the board.


  • Public entities in the State of California have two financial tsunamis heading their way: [1] unfunded liability for pensions and [2] unfunded liability for retiree benefits (e.g. health, dental, other).  The latter is often ignored and only a few brave leaders have warned employees and constituents that the latter poses a serious threat to the financial solvency of many public entities.
  • ALL California taxpayers should inquire about whether this same outrageous and imprudent benefit is being provided to the employees of their county, city/town, fire district, water district, sewer district, hospital district, community services district, etc.