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California prison psychiatrist under investigation for $800,000 pay

December 13, 2012



Disgraced former City of Bell Chief PIG files lawsuit to double pension to $500,000 per year

December 2, 2012


Bankrupt City of San Bernardino slashes budget, including budget for obscenely overpaid pigs and hosers

November 28, 2012


California Public Parasite Received $608,821 Payout For Unused Comp/Sick/Vacation Time

October 14, 2012

SEARCHABLE DATABASES: Public Parasites’ Salaries & Pensions

September 25, 2012

SEARCHABLE DATABASE: Public Parasite Salaries


SEARCHABLE DATABASE: Public Parasite Pensions

Bay Area Firefighters’ Greed is Torching Bay Area Taxpayers

September 9, 2012


Public Parasites Feasting on Taxpayer Hosts

August 30, 2012

Bay Area public officials break bank with unused sick time


Eye-popping final checks full of sick, vacation time


2,138 hours of unused sick time boosts pension for Contra Costa sewer worker


California Legislature’s ‘select committees’ cost a lot with little accountability

August 12, 2012


California fire fee ignites anger as bills go out

August 12, 2012


SF college spends 92 percent of budget on salaries, benefits

August 5, 2012