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FBI probes $17 million missing from Santa Clara County trusts

July 8, 2012



Mercury News editorial: Outrage over Santa Clara County court conservator charges is fueling change

July 7, 2012


Elected, experienced judges more likely to be disciplined. Many judges have been sanctioned more than once, study finds.

July 5, 2012


Santa Clara County’s court-appointed personal and estate managers are handing out costly and questionable bills

July 1, 2012


Paul Seeman, on leave from bench, still gets paid

July 1, 2012

Alameda County judge charged in elder abuse case to take leave of absence; affidavit outlines charges

June 29, 2012


State appellate justices at center of conflict-of-interest concerns

June 25, 2012


Loopy Old Judge Thierry Colaw Winks At Police Misconduct

June 25, 2012


Judge Salvador Sarmiento May Settle Ticket Flap and Latest Alleged Judicial End-Around

June 24, 2012