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San Diego school district owes $1 billion on $100 million loan

December 9, 2012


Spoiled Rotten California Federation of Teachers releases propaganda video of rich people urinating on the “Poor.” REMEMBER: These scumbags are teaching your children how to act in society.

December 6, 2012

Prop 30 Tax Revenues to Be Diverted from Higher Ed to Wall Street, Thanks to Dumbass UC Board of Regents

November 20, 2012


Sicko teacher arrested for allegedly masturbating in public while trying to get attention of passing children

November 5, 2012

Selfish Oakland teachers’ union does not give a fuck about students

November 2, 2012

Ex-school official gets 2-year sentence for misappropriating millions in public money as well as later billing another school district for home remodeling work

October 22, 2012

Herguan University CEO pleads not guilty in San Jose

August 21, 2012


Ex-LA teacher pleads no contest to molesting 13

August 21, 2012


California’s Ridiculous Education Policy

August 15, 2012

California residents are excluded from California State Universities because the State of California cannot afford to educate them

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Meanwhile, the State of California provides $65,000,000 in financial aid to ILLEGAL immigrants to attend college

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Fired charter school executive receives $245,000 in settlement. Crescendo charter schools founder John Allen sued for wrongful dismissal after he was fired for allegedly ordering staff to cheat on state standardized tests.

August 12, 2012,0,4197783.story?track=rss