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San Jose PIGS squeling about watchdog group’s mailer

December 8, 2012


Scumbag Santa Clara County Supervisor George Shirakawa Submits Fraudulent Meal Receipts. Shitwadkawa faked reports to hide expensive dinners charged to cash-strapped county.

November 21, 2012

Santa Clara County Officials Knew of Scumbag Santa Clara County Supervisor’s Lavish Spending

November 21, 2012

San Jose PIG arrested in time sheet fraud case

October 19, 2012

Herguan University CEO pleads not guilty in San Jose

August 21, 2012


DA: San Jose principal charged with failing to report abuse allegation

July 10, 2012


FBI probes $17 million missing from Santa Clara County trusts

July 8, 2012


Santa Clara County’s court-appointed personal and estate managers are handing out costly and questionable bills

July 1, 2012