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Scumbag AC Transit directors made sleazy deal for Oakland hills home for their former general manager who was paid $276,000 a year and stopped making his loan payments

December 5, 2012


California’s political watchdog to investigate another sleazy health district official

December 2, 2012

Former Pinole PIG commander arrested on suspicion of defrauding and abusing an elderly man

November 16, 2012

Sicko teacher arrested for allegedly masturbating in public while trying to get attention of passing children

November 5, 2012

Oakland PIG’s war room the new normal

October 29, 2012

Port of Oakland Parasite Blows $4,500 in Public Funds at Strip Club

October 16, 2012

Bay Area Firefighters’ Greed is Torching Bay Area Taxpayers

September 9, 2012


Alameda County pig pleads not guilty to accessing/furnishing unauthorized records

July 17, 2012


Bill Lockyer seeks divorce from Nadia

July 17, 2012


Paul Seeman, on leave from bench, still gets paid

July 1, 2012