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Red Flags In A Job Posting

July 30, 2012


“Family” (e.g. “We are a family”)

Indicates unilateral sacrifice.  The employee will be required to make any sacrifice that is in the best interest of the employer/owner(s).  Such sacrifices will include missing personal and real family events outside of work, traveling anywhere and everywhere even without prior notice, decreases in compensation, decreases in benefits, increases in workload, and/or working overtime (without overtime compensation if the employee is a sucker on salary).

However, unlike a real family that makes mutual sacrifices, the employer/owner(s) will not make any sacrifices.  In fact, the employer/owner(s) will abruptly and callously terminate the employee without any prior notice of such possibility if doing so is in the best interest of the employer/owner(s) regardless of how doing so affects the employee.

FYI: “Team” is a synonym for “Family.”  “Seeking Team Player” means “Seeking Family Member.”


“Rockstar” (e.g. seeking “Rockstar Accountant” or “Rockstar Programmer”)

Indicates exploitation.  The employee will be expected to perform every conceivable task regardless of the employee’s education and work experience.  Furthermore, the employee will be required to work extensive overtime (without overtime compensation if the employee is a sucker on salary) because, like an entertainer, the employee will be expected to be “the hardest working accountant in accounting,” or “the hardest working programmer in programming,” etc.


“Error-Free” (e.g. seeking “Error-Free Accountant” or “Error-Free Programmer”)

Indicates unrealistic expectations.  The employee will be expected to perform every task without ever making an error.  If the employee makes an error, the employee will be loudly berated and treated like a dunce until a replacement is found and the employee is abruptly fired.


“My client” (e.g. “My client seeks an accountant”)

Indicates recruiter.  The money that the employer pays to the recruiter as a commission decreases the amount of money that is available to pay the new employee.  Consequently, the new employee will be underpaid, which will have a negative effect on future compensation negotiations because such future compensation negotiations are based on compensation history.

Most recruiters simply troll the internet for resumes.  Most recruiters do not do any real recruiting.  Most recruiters have absolutely no background in the field for which they are recruiting.  For example, I knew a former cop who was working as a recruiter in the accounting field.  He simply rented a cubicle, trolled the internet for resumes, and called prospective employers and employees.  He had no background in the accounting field.


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