The Contra Costa $100,000 Pension Club Has Its First $300,000 Member

By Contra Costa Taxpayers Association

May 11, 2012



  • (Kris Hunt, Executive Director of the Contra Costa Taxpayers Association (CoCoTAX)) stated “ConFire recently announced it needs a parcel tax and the growing pension cost is clearly one of the factors involved.” David Twa, Contra Costa County Administrator, speaking at last month’s CoCoTAX meeting revealed that ConFire’s benefits cost 103% of salary. By way of comparison, private sector benefit costs average in the 33-35% range.


  • According to the news release, retired Fire Chief Craig Bowen of the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District (in Contra Costa County, CA) receives a pension of $25,000 PER MONTH ($300,000 per year) (plus possible cost of living increases in the future).
  • Meanwhile, according to the news release, the average Social Security recipient receives a benefit of $1,229 per month ($14, 748 per year).
  • Also, meanwhile, the Governor of the State of California receives a salary (NOT pension, but salary) of $14,499 per month ($173,987 per year) (Source:
  • Accordingly, retired Fire Chief Craig Bowen receives an annual PENSION ($300,000) that is $126,013 GREATER than the annual salary of the Governor of California ($173,987).

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