Do SoCal Cops Shoot First, Lie Later?

By R. Scott Moxley

OC Weekly (Orange County, CA)

April 5, 2012



  • “In both cases, the key question was: ‘Were the cops telling the truth?'” says Sayre, the onetime head of the local Hispanic Bar Association. “And in both cases, juries concluded the cops weren’t being honest. The officers had been willing to lie under oath.”
  • It wasn’t long ago that police in Orange County enjoyed reputations for honesty, as virtuous heroes. However, in the past decade, we’ve seen cops rape women, molest boys, steal cocaine from evidence lockers, perpetrate domestic violence, falsify official reports, assault handcuffed suspects, lie on the witness stand, knowingly arrest innocent people, party with organized-crime figures, accept bribes and destroy evidence. Last month, a jury convicted an LAPD detective of committing a sadistic murder.


  • The problem of Dirty Pigs is not limited to Southern California.
  • Recently, there have been numerous reports of Dirty Pigs in the Bay Area “allegedly” committing perjury, larceny, embezzlement, pimping, drug trafficking, gun trafficking, and, of course, multiple arrests of Dirty Pigs for driving drunk.
  • Recently, a former San Jose cop, formerly one of “America’s Finest,” pleaded no contest to one count of lewd and lascivious acts on a minor age 14 or 15 and one count of oral copulation with a minor (
  • Dirty Hosers (a.k.a. firefighters) in California are also running wild.


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