DREAM Act Application Goes Live: Undocumented California Students Can Now Apply for Financial Aid

By Simone Wilson

LA Weekly

April 2, 2012

Link: http://blogs.laweekly.com/informer/2012/04/dream_act_application_california_apply.php


  • College kids without U.S. citizenship can now apply for “conditional permanent residency” via the official DREAM Act application, which will allow them access to state financial-aid funds.
  • In the months since Governor Jerry Brown signed the historic AB 131 legislation, the estimated cost of handing out state aid to illegal immigrants has risen from around $25 million per year to around $65 million.
  • “This legislation essentially says to these students, ‘The taxpayers will cover your tuition,'” (Steve Boilard, State Legislative Analyst) told ABC7. “So if the tuition goes up, the taxpayer cost goes up.”


  • Whenever the State of California says it needs to raise taxes or issue debt to pay for essential services, remember that the State of California spends $65 million per year educating glorified criminals.
  • I’m eagerly waiting for the day when the country of origin of each of the beneficiary glorified criminals provides the same generosity to Americans.

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